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Craniosynostosis Project

Welcome to the thematic website dedicated to craniosynostosis and possibilities of its treatment. Joint project of the University Hospital Ostrava and Orthopaedic Prosthetics Frýdek-Místek, NZZ.



 University Hospital Ostrava is the largest state-owned healthcare establishment in the North-Moravian region. It provides medical care for 1.2 mil inhabitants. One of the significant features of the hospital is its complexness, based on the width and depth of provided care, from primary diagnostics and treatment, up to outpatient after-treatment or follow-on care. The Department of Neurosurgery, with the extent and spectrum of provided care, belongs among top medical centres in the Czech Republic.


The department is highly specialized and very well personally and technically saturated, the only one of its kind in the Moravian-Silesian Region capable of providing complex care for patients requiring neurosurgery interventions. The program of paediatric neurosurgery includes a complex treatment of paediatric patients with conditions manageable by neurosurgical approach, which include, among others, hydrocephalus, tumorous and vascular diseases of the brain and the spinal cord, injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system, craniostenoses and other inborn developmental disorders.


Orthopaedic Prosthetics Frýdek-Místek, s.r.o. is a non-state healthcare establishment, which specializes in application of modern procedures in orthotics and prosthetics. It is the only workplace of its kind in the Czech Republic, which specializes in application of post-operative cranial remodelling orthoses and orthotic treatment of positional head deformities in children with the use of cranial remodelling orthoses. Pracoviste_FrydekModern technologies and procedures are applied during the stages of designing, manufacturing and application of cranial orthoses: contactless 3D optical scanning, computer modelling and projection of the orthosis, CNC machining of the model, computer processing of the treatment results.

The team participating in the orthotic treatment gained vast experience due to cooperation with clinical centres abroad, and also based upon application of cranial remodelling orthoses in positional head deformities. The proposal of orthotic treatment originates in the mutual multidisciplinary cooperation with specialists in neurosurgery, paediatrics and rehabilitation. Special orthotic care is provided for paediatric patients from the whole Czech Republic and from abroad. You may find more detailed information about our company at our websites www.protetikaFM.cz and also www.plagiocefalie.cz