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Coronary suture synostosis

The coronary suture is placed on the side of the head, and unites the frontal and parietal bones, and stretches from the skull base to the large fontanelle at the top of the head. It enables the growth of the forehead and frontal lobes forward.koronarniPremature fusion may be unilateral or bilateral.

When the suture closes prematurely, this condition is referred to as frontal plagiocephaly (in case of unilateral fusion), or brachycephaly (in cases when the fusion is bilateral). Deformities develop on the side of the premature fusion and include flattened forehead, deviation of the nose, eyebrows moved upward and eye strabismus.

Sometimes it is possible to compensate for the deviations in asymmetric growth of the face and head with tilting the head to one side. Bilateral fusion of sutures results in brachycephaly, i.e. shortening of the anterior-posterior dimension; the condition is sometimes associated with a prolongation of the top of the head to a tower-like shape (turricephaly).

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